Calgary Real Estate – Your Search for a Dream Home Ends Here

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada, nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. The region is renowned for its winter sports activities and eco-tourism and offers numerous major mountain resorts that are located near the city and the metro area. Petroleum is the major industry. Apart from this agriculture, tourism and information technology also contribute substantially to the economic growth of Calgary. Breathtaking scenic vistas, favorable climate, relatively low population, strong agricultural economy, job opportunities, and a low cost of living contribute towards its popularity among real estate investors , families and individuals, alike, that are looking to invest in real estate properties in Calgary or relocate, or rent or buy Calgary homes apartments, condominiums or land in Calgary.

The city of Calgary provides other amenities for recreation and leisure that includes restaurants that offer fine dining experience, an active nightlife, theater, music festivals, sporting events, museums, and parks. The Canadian Rocky Mountains provides scope for great outdoor activities and adventure such as mountain biking, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, and swimming.

A unique mix of warm hospitality and urban sophistication makes Calgary city a world class destination attracting tourists, individuals, and families in search of their dream homes. The average sales price of homes in Calgary is $451,120 for new single family homes and $287,300 for a condominium.


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